We chose the Beefmaster breed because of their weight gain abilities, their hardiness, and their extremely thorough grazing habits. All our show heifers, replacement heifers and bulls are hand-raised. The goal with our herd is to provide top quality cattle that are top breeders and weight gainers.

We have been raising Beefmaster cattle since 1987. We started when our son, Chris was young, breeding his show heifers while he was involved in the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association. Our love of the Beefmaster breed led us to begin phasing out our commercial herd to focus on raising productive and profitable registered Beefmaster cattle. Today we raise registered cattle that are bred to give both the weekend rancher and the full-time cowman the kind of cattle they need to meet the standards of the beef cattle industry.

Nelson Janssen - Owner Janssen Beefmasters


Janseen Beefmaster Breeder Ranch - Victoria, Texas

Janssen Beefmasters is a family-owned, working, registered Beefmaster cattle ranch. We are dedicated to raising sound, fertile cattle with the traits that today’s profit-minded cattlemen are looking for. Janssen Beefmasters is owned and operated by Nelson Janssen, his son Chris and his twin grandsons Clayborne and Bennett.

Our headquarters is located in Victoria, Texas at 770 Levi Sloan Road. We also have cattle located in DeWitt and Karnes counties. Our cattle are not pampered and are used to thriving in our diverse south Texas conditions. Come see us and let us help you find the signature your herd needs.

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